Recruiting Independent Certified Electronic Reporters 

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Calling all Digital Reporters and Notaries

VoiceScript is currently seeking applicants to join our nationwide network of professional Digital Reporters to participate in our unique VoiceScript Affiliate Reporters (VAR) program. Our program is an exciting opportunity for experienced digital reporters and transitioning court reporters alike to secure more assignments and achieve greater earnings potential per appearance.

VoiceScript Affiliate Reporters are an essential part of our value chain. VARs ensure that the verbatim audio and video recordings, along with the supporting notes and documents, are captured and delivered in a manner that supports VoiceScript's ability to provide the highest quality transcription products to its clients. VoiceScript's philosophy is that the meticulous attention-to-detail a digital reporter puts into every assignment deserves to be compensated, which is why we offer financial compensation in the form of a reporter bonus for every transcript purchased from a VAR's appearance.


VoiceScript partners with leading court reporting agencies and legal services companies by:


  • Supporting these organizations in growing and improving their digital-reporting practices.

  • Helping our clients achieve a competitive and profitable edge with price-sensitive legal and related market segments.


When you refer VoiceScript to a new court reporting agency or legal services clients, they can achieve a significant cost savings. VoiceScript also ensures that they receive the absolute best digital transcription services in the industry. The VoiceScript team is here to help prove the value of our services to your clients as part of your digital-reporting services. Give the VoiceScript Affiliate Reporter Team a call to discuss your client referral opportunities.

Reporter Qualifications

VoiceScript only partners with the best digital court reporters in the industry. Each state is unique in terms of the certification and training requirements for digital reporters. AAERT or relevant state certifications are preferred. However, any experienced digital court reporter or video reporter with a successful track record and excellent client references are welcome to fill out the application. In many cases, and with individual state requirements, reporting assignments are available without formal certification. Contact us directly to discuss your interest and relevant background.

Reporter Onboarding

We do not require that you use a specific brand of recording or annotation equipment, and our digital reporter case submission process is consistent with current industry standards. That said, the submission process is optimized for our unique production workflow. Before formally accepting a new digital reporter to the VAR program, we will ask you to become familiar with our documentation and file submission procedures. You will be required to perform our new reporter onboarding process successfully.

Remote Notaries

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remote legal proceedings are more prevalent than ever across the country.  The demand for an in-state notary for remote oaths has increased exponentially!  Many states, in an effort to adapt to remote legal proceedings have instituted statutes or executive or supreme court orders authorizing remote oaths.

NY / NJ / FL / MA / TX / CA / PA

Notaries will join a Zoom legal proceeding and will be tasked to administer a remote oath; the digital reporter will then be responsible to be the reporter of record.  No further responsibility will be given to the notary after they administer the oath. Remote notary on average does not take more than 30 minutes.

Remote Oaths

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