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AI enhanced / US certified workforce

Reliable and accurate legal transcripts for digitally-recorded deposition, witness, and court proceedings, using our state-of-the-art AI-enhanced transcription technologies, coupled with a highly experienced and certified US-transcriber workforce. VoiceScript services are available to Court Reporting and Legal Services firms nationally and help these organizations build and scale successful Digital Reporting services.


Transitioning to digital reporting?


Why Choose Us?


Up to 50% Cost Savings

Our advanced AI technology and optimized legal transcriber workforce can reduce the cost of transcript production by as much as 30% to 50% over traditional methods - and we pass the savings on to you!


From 4 Days Turnaround

Why wait two weeks or more when our advanced transcript delivery platform allows us to offer the industry's fastest standard delivery times? Expedited service is also available.


Certified Transcription

All of our transcripts are completed and certified by experienced legal transcription specialists who reside in the USA. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Never Turn Down Clients Again

VoiceScript is your partner for growth and improved profitability! We can meet your project needs and quickly scale to help you meet project deadlines.

Serving Court Reporting and Legal Support Agencies

VoiceScript is the most trusted transcription partner for court-reporting agencies looking to build or expand their digital-reporting operations. We cater to large national firms and local boutique agencies, securely delivering high-quality legal transcription solutions to all. By outsourcing transcript production to VoiceScript, our clients increase their customer satisfaction while also improving their bottom line. We also offer nationwide pricing.

Services offered today

  • Certified Original Transcripts

  • Highest Accuracy Rough Copy - Same & Next Day Options

  • 4 Day Standard Turn Around

  • Other Certified & Non-Certified Transcription Services

Services coming soon

  • Digital Depositions Suite

  • Real-Time Speech Recognition

  • High Accuracy Live Transcript Streaming

  • High Accuracy Rough Draft

  • Real-Time Remote Proofers

Access our unique network of qualified Digital Reporters

VoiceScript’s nationwide network of highly qualified VoiceScript Affiliate Reporters (VARs) are ready to take on local and remote digital reporting assignments. These independent digital reporters have been thoroughly vetted, trained to VoiceScript quality assurance specifications, and meet all necessary state certifications. VoiceScript clients can easily find and schedule qualified digital reporters for assignments through the VoiceScript Affiliate Reporter Scheduler. We are also happy to provide transcription services to clients who prefer using their in-house or other qualified independent digital reporters.

Other Transcription Services

We are experts at delivering high-quality transcription and text annotation services across different industries and multiple use cases, including Law Enforcement, Insurance, and Compliance. Whether it's for all of your transcription needs, or to supplement your existing transcription capacity, VoiceScript provides clients with a trusted outsource partner, often at a lower cost than producing transcripts in-house. Give us a call to discuss your specific transcription requirements. We'll do the hard part by transcribing these and other types of recordings:


  • Law Enforcement / 911

  • Criminal Justice agencies/prison

  • Insurance & Compliance

  • Market Research

  • Meetings & videoconferencing

  • Consulting & Knowledge Networks

  • Recruitment Interviews

  • Education & Training

Ready to find out more?

We make it easy for new clients to evaluate our services and integrate our services into your transcript production workflow. First, we offer a free trial to ensure that we meet the client's expectations; second, we integrate our production workflow with that of our clients; and third, we meet most custom formatting and file format requirements.